Day 6, 7, and 8: Procrastinators UniteโœŠ

I HAVE FINALLY COME OUT OF ASSIGNMENT HELL. There, feels so much better typing it in caps. I swear Malaysia could make a TV Program called 2D1A (2 days 1 assignment) That’s right people, in the midst of the assignment tsunami I’ve tackled a 400 word news pitch in 1 day, a group assignment of 2000 words (thank goodness we didn’t procrastinate on this one), and 2000 word essay in 2 days (an extra day for research and studies). Sleeping late is one thing, doing your assignment while your heart palpitates till it hurts, the back of your head throbs and your neighbors perform exorcism (true story, we’ll get to that)…I think I’ve made my point. Only the gods will know my score.

So, so ,s oooo, let’s get down to news:

  1. ย 7th May: From the Telegraph, Picture of the day. Here’s a picture of a panda cuddling her pink newborn!
  2. 7th May: Leicester City happy with trophy. Why Tottenhammm…I had so much hope. (bbc)
  3. 7th May: Blazing wildfire spreading to Alberta’s (Canada) neighbor. 90,000 already forced to evacuate (Honestly, how do they get these numbers???) (CNN)
  4. 9th May: New Bank Negara Governor say GST was a bold move. So? does that mean you agree? Could there have been a better policy?? Make clear my governor! Side question: Will the new notes have this guy’s signature on them? (Malaysiakini)
  5. Tomorrow will be Hari Bomba day in Johor, where they will display 8 antique fire engines. Why doesn’t WPKL have this?? Oh..because jam. Time to move to Johor..or Penang…or Cameron Highlands….seriously..The stress game in KL is stronkk.

So that’s all for the news. Now for a little sharing session.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was also the last day that my whole family would be eating breakfast and dinner together.. Yes our Last Breakfast/ Dinner..before my sister gets married and my sister gets whizzed around the world by her company (That lucky piece of human). I got kinda pissed when the flowers I’ve bought for my mom got toppled over, and I had to clean up my masterpiece (nothing broke thank all godly forms and forces).

Then a series of unfortunate events occurred and I had 1500 words to go in my essay so I just hulked up.

For the first time in the 20 years of my life, my father gave us a discourse on family relationships, explaining why, as the youngest, this experience was so traumatic for me, hence the sudden periodic outburst of tears for unknown reasons (especially when you come home and you have to clean the house all by yourself….anyone would burst into tears). and why I was upset and kinda stuff. *sniffles*

Which then…I didn’t think he knew how to stop but by 11am, their boyfriend’s/fiances were ringing their phones and our doorbell, so heck, meeting adjourned.

Then later on in the night the neighbors were shouting but Miss assignment-procrastinator aint got time for noise..until my dad came in and told me the neighbors were performing exorcism. WHAT? Couldn’t they bring the man/lady to the church or something? Where does the demon go? That’s just rood. What if your exorcism failed and the demon came into our house. Thou shall love thy neighbor? I THINK NOT.

Sharing session ends here, and now, my favorite part of the blog post! 2 art thingies for the past 2 days! (I’m not sure what the third one will be, so I’ll wait till the inspiration juice sets in.

AOTD #1: Flower arrangements by me for Mother’s Day.

For AOTD #2: Astraeus

So fear not! I shall think of something to art about by today! (on a side note, I don’t have classes tomorrow! Yay me!)





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