Day 5: Spaghettios🍝

Okay guys! For once, I’m typing my blogpost before 10pm.

Here’s the noos:

  1. China’s banana video ban. You can’t eat bananas seductively on camera it seems. Yes, someone in China is getting paid to see if you eat bananas online. And speaking of erotism; (BBC)
  2.  Pakistani woman & her sex-life story. No she’s not married. Yes, everyone’s saying how horny Pakistanis are.  (BBC)
  3. CHOKED, INJECTED WITH POISON, TIED TO A VAN AND BURNED for helping friends elope. Lots of major news from Pakistan. Even her mother didn’t notify the police when she knew that her daughter was going to be punished like that. rough. (CNN)
  4. Helicopter crashed in Sarawak. Woman’s remains brought back to Subang airport. (New Straits Times)
  5. Nestle wants to sell you medicine now. Nestle is confusing me..I hope they don’t make their pills look like pink bunnies or somthin. (Bloomberg)

And what have I been up to? Lugging camera equipment everywhere and flailing my arms when I need to reprint my assignments.

The most frustrating thing has got to be how I left my lunch at home. I woke up at 7am (consider the fact that I slept at 1am…which is unusual for me) steamed rice, steamed taufu and boiled water to blanch my vege.

After bathing, I found that my dad was already waiting in the car from my mom. Who’s panicky voice caused me to ask twice if I could just take the train. Leaving my lunch behind just seemed so unthinkable..especially when I put in so much effort to make it.

But in all the confusion, I was coaxed into leavin it behind. The heart wails in silence.

Another interesting thing happened today. I was suppose to go pay for the chinese orchestra performance for my sister’s wedding dinner this afternoon. Yeh people, my ever-grumpy sister is getting married. (I might actually miss her frowns and glares 😂).

The original combination of instruments were guzhen (the elegant looking instrument that actresses pretend to strum in stereotypical historical dramas), yang qin (something like a piano but you hit with two sticks instead) and dizhi (flute) . But since the dizhi musician had another event we had to take the erhu.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the erhu. In fact, I play that instrument. Therefore I understand that in the situation where there isn’t a microphone, there’s a possibility of the instrument being inaudible. Also people are prejudiced against the instrument. (My dad always told me I could stop practicing at home because all the rats have died).

But then I found out that the erhu player is my very own teacher. Awkward? I have no idea. But I was fascinated by the work of fate. My mom got the contact of this lady from her friend’s friend who was a teacher at a school etc. and yes, we come back to where we are.

Also, I had to cook spaghetti for dinner today. I don’t know why I sound so unhappy. Let me rephrase that. I had the chance to whip up a super awesome meal today 😀


So what’s my art of the day? I’d prefer to say culinary arts, because I really like the smell of red wine cooking (was the latter part of the sentence relevant? no). But in case there’s any dispute, I did write the Demon’s Gamble this morning. Inspired by the sudden frustration of leaving my lunch at home..I seriously thought about it throughout the whole ride to uni. Hardly spoke to my poor dad who clearly didn’t know the severity of the situation.

The Demon’s Gamble


So, I did not manage to workout again today. That makes 3 hours extra for the future. Planning to workout half an hour more in the following days. Starting from tomorrow of course. This project is starting to get fun. *Jazz hands and exits*





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