Day 4: Filming TV News.📹

Aw man people, I really need to get my things done before 10. I already feel the heat in my body from sleeping past 12am for 3 consecutive days. Anytime now I will have a nose full of blood.

Okay, without further ado~ Let me present to you today’s news which was interesting:

  1. Creator of bitcoin wants to be anonymous again? First he said he tries to prove that he is the man, then when people start criticizing him, it’s back to hiding.
  2. Nasi lemak seller in Subang Jaya fined RM4000 for price hike of RM1. Don’t play with Malaysians when it comes to food.

So what was I up to today? Nothing interesting really, just assignments, meetings and ooh.. filming the cheerleading tryouts for my journalism assignment!

Yes the dummy holding the mic cest moi.

It was raining so heavily though. Nearly impossible to get an audio without the sound of thunder (and a scene without me jumping). But in the end it was a soggy wrap and I got the footage I wanted. So yeh, twas a good time.

So since it’s already 1am (I really need to have a resolution to sleep at 10pm, like how i usually did..before I entered university)

I think it needs to be known, that I spent about an hour doing this piece of art. My laptop just can’t catch up with Krita (the free drawing app) So whatever I draw on the tablet takes a century to load. This picture was inspired by friends I’ve stalked and talked to. *you know who you are*~ *and thanks for the idea haha*


Maybe someday I would write a poem for this? “Pineapple With 2 Leaves.” I’m obviously going nuts.

Nope, I didn’t exercise today either…like formally exercise(??) but I did run around like a mad dog to chase printers and lug huge cameras and tripods around. Though at times there were gentlemen who helped, but schedule is enough to make me sweat (Just by looking at it).

Hope you liked my little gift to you today! Pineapples with 2 Leaves. 😏



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