Day 3: time time time.⌚⌛⌚⌛

Today’s news is quite exciting, and not as morbid as yesterday’s. So here we go!

  1. 32,000 signed-up for nude restaurant opening. I don’t know how I forgot to write about this. But yeah, the waiters will be semi-nude as well.
  2. 10-year old gets $10,000 for detecting bug in Instagram. What..I’m obviously studying the wrong course here.
  3. Your ear wax may be the thing that prevents you from getting sick. Apparently some studies have shown that dry earwax kills a lot of bacteria, while the wet ones encourage bacterial growth. Strange but studies suggest so.
  4. Sarawak elections happening this Saturday! But we know who will win anyway so..
  5. Chilling hot coffee in the fridge is a bad idea. The bad acids will come and haunt you. So don’t.

Why am I up at 12.35am? I’m clearly about to go haywire, but today I have no choice. My sister has just seen a rat on my bed (No I don’t live in the slumps). So in between screams and being pushed around, I managed to complete my assignment and will now proceed to give you good content.

It’s been a busy day with classes, meetings, and classes then sports. Ahhh, uni life is great (?)

And in all this hum drum I kept thinking of how I could fit an hour of exercise into my day. Nope, I was unsuccessful. Tomorrow I guess. I also had char siew pau this morning, but managed to steam some sweet potatoes for lunch. By the way, the house maid who’s worked for 7 years in our home has gone back. She needs to wed, so we ded.

What art can I possibly give you at this time?? Well, I have decided to show you some of my collection of pictures on weHeartIt 🙂

and now I shall eat something before I go to sleep..ahh I need a break from assignments. TT



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