Day 2: Schedule on fire.🔥

So here are the news which was interesting to me today:

  1. Brazil blocks Whatsapp. Did you know that whatsapp doesn’t even save your chat history in their servers?? Even Whatsapp can’t read your messages because of the double-end encryption.
  2. Met Gala 2016. Claire Danes won hands down. I mean..when your gown glows.
  3. Stealing food when your absolutely hungry, is not a crime in Italy. Imma getting my ah PASHTAA.
  4. Indonesians worshiped a sex toy by mistake. Oh lol.
  5. Banned from Sarawak, DAP speaker talks to crowd through Skype. Yeahhh brains people.
  6. Somali refugee sets herself on fire in Australia. Golly, why y’all killin thyself so easily?

Woke up at 6.30am this morning, and went back to sleep (Don’t we all). So my Fitness Blender workout was delayed to 7.30am where I mopped the floor with my sweat for an hour and a half to earn this:

ahhh, the satisfaction. Then for breakfast I was greeted by oat water. No seriously, my mom added so much water to the oats. There was no need for spoons here. Thanks mom for making my breakfast (drink?). haha.

Then I had to go for facial since my face had clearly collided with asteroids. She gave me a free mask though, so I was happy, until she squeezed the blackheads off my nose till my toes curled. Serious sh*t pain. Every time she touched my nose, I try to hold back my tears, so as to let her do her job in peace. But frankly, I don’t think it should bother her anymore. But seriously, thanks to her, I’m getting my old smooth face back.Yay!

Then right after that it was meetings and meetings with sports team captains and stuff.

Yeh, that’s Leviathan’s cheer team last year. Look at the splits man, holy unicorns.

Then I got distracted by other club activities and didn’t know how I ended up playing captain ball. Basically it’s the same as netball, except some diabolical teacher decided to replace the hoops with humans standing on chairs. If they call that a sport, why aren’t we fighting lions at the Coliseum??

Okay, so I didn’t really apply my time management skills today. But I drew you some art 😀 *cheers with confetti*

Yay art! Can’t believe I managed to fit it all in into one day. Phew. Now to complete the ever-pilling assignments. *great sigh*

P.s: Just a gentle reminder, mother’s day is around the corner 😉 get yer momma something good!



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