Day1: confectionery struggles.🍰

So before we delve into the slight progress of my project, here’s some interesting news:

  1. Giant newborn. Yes, the mother couldn’t give birth naturally as it could have broken her pelvis.
  2. Take selfies with a gun and you may die like this boy. What a surprise.
  3. Ridhuan converts to Islam and runs away with Indira’s child..presumably to give him the Muslim life..but running away with anyone’s child is terrible. Anyway, police still have not found him.
  4. Nurul Izzah (Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter) is banned from Sarawak. Just like 50+ other Malaysians. Wee (Btw, Sarawak state election on May 7th)
  5. Woman sues Starbucks for putting too much ice in her beverages. Yeh, when you’re desperate for coffee but no money tho.

You may wonder why I didn’t write anything about Donald Trump. It’s because he said something stupid again. That’s not new(s).

So today I managed to get an hour of exercise after trying to get up at 6.30am *excruciating flashback* to run with my dog. Or trot. Things have been pretty slow after Conan survived cancer, and got a lot fatter.

Still handsome, still muh doge.

So yay, we managed to trot around the park for about an hour.

Then I was busy the whole evening. Doing what? Helping my dad. Helping my dad to do what? This:


Yis, we spent the afternoon trying to hang the painting. It wouldn’t have taken as long if the ceiling hadn’t been crooked. Seriously.

As for my healthy eating habits, I can safely cry in a corner as my dad decided to eat McDonalds and take me to the confectionery to buy bread because he was feeling peckish. (and the guy selling rojak was missing in action). Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

And tomorrow will be a hectic day! I honestly find it frustratingly but fun in a way.


🍪 Here’s a cookie cause I can’t have one. ✌ out.


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