What better way to celebrate Labor Day by committing to more activities! *laughter dies*

So, after 4 months, I have magically decided to kill some task that have been lagging my system for too long. As you have guessed, many other blog post will spawn from these endeavors as well! Yay for content.

Here’s what I will do *drumrolls*:

  1. Read 5 news sources. Which will be CNN, BBC, The Star, Malaysiakini, and a random news portal.
    Why Juin why? Why go through all this pain to rid yourself of ignorance? Well, two days ago I dishonored my family name by getting 2/10 for my Journalism quiz. As you could have guessed..but I’m still gona tell you.. that most of the questions were from the news. Oh, how the Asian blood boils in me.
  2. Being healthy= Eat well+Exercise for 1 hour everyday. Tbh, this is going to be the hardest thing for me to do. Mainly because my life consist of classes from dusk to dawn and trains notorious for having (insert vulgarity) inaccurate schedules. Healthy meals = effort and/or money. nuff said.
  3. Do something artistic. Be it play music, draw, create my own font, paint, film or take good photos; I really want to make it a point to be creative everyday. I’m so inspired by friends and weHeartitΒ to create beautiful things everyday. Plus, I really need more original content (mainly pictures) for my blog; and inspiration for my upcoming videos.
  4. Sit and chant for at least 15 minutes everyday. I can’t call it meditation because I don’t enter any mental state whatsoever. I use to do my chantings for 1 hour everyday and in that same year I got first place in my class, managed to cope with basketball practice, chinese orchestra practice, and all sorts of personal problems that I will share with you in the future (tentative). Long story short, this sorts out my mental sh*t. πŸ™‚
  5. and finally…Blog everyday. AHAH, so you see, it all makes sense now. We’re going to see each other everyday! *Evil laughter*. At the very least, I will have something interesting to share with you, and hope you will share something with me too!

On a side note, March was bad, I lost my scholarship by half a mark (Yes, 0.5). April was awesome (even though I got into an accident). I finally found a partner to play Squash (the Nicol David sport), my grades were fairly decent (no you didn’t ask but still) and I subscribed to TidalΒ just to watch Lemonade by Beyonce. I really thought Six Inch Heels was Sex and Chill but whatevuh, Hold Up is still my favorite. Whatever that comes this May for you and me, I hope the both of us have the strength to brave and celebrate all of it.

✌ out!


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