🎧 Why sharing your favorite song is absolutely dangerous.

  1. Criticisms toward it will tear your soul.
    And it will continue tearing it further every time it replays in your head along with the melody. You may expect them to be totally into it, since you guys are so ‘close’. Then you will be totally disappointed when they don’t really care.
  2. When they love it….
    They will now play this song forever, and when they constantly tell you that they love it, you will be happy. Until you guys get into an argument (which will happen..and if it doesn’t you guys haven’t been together long enough), then it will remind you of them and it will be memorable as well as painful.
  3. People will judge you.
    Like Scandanavian rock metal? Great, the chances are that people will think you stay in a dungeon even though your the sweetest thing in a pink dress. Guys can’t even publicly announce their love for Justin Bieber’s music without being called gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it).
  4. People will now enforce their own genre upon you.
    There will be this one guy/girl who will either go :”Eww, I can’t believe you listen to this” or “oh yeah this song is cool.” and then they will say:”but I think you should start listening to ___” and when you politely listen but it isn’t your style they will go:”Why? OMG they’re the best! You just have no taste.” Ouch, ouch and double ouch.
  5. It will connect you with the person you’re sharing it with.
    And whether its a good connection or a bad one, it’s gonna stick with your favorite song as well as the good/bad memory that surrounds it. Of course these things don’t always happen. I’m not saying that you should never tell anyone your favorite song, but know that it’s not just something you tell without an after effect.

    So yeah.

    P.S.: If you’re expecting me to tell you my favorite song tho, nope. :v

    *Picture source from weheartit.com

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