How to woman. 💃

Women have graduated from just cooking and making babies to studying and not get distracted by romance, then fall in love and marry, earn close to her male counterpart, then juggle babies, business and botox under a microscope observed by society. Believe it or not, the opinion that women were born to serve menmenmen and only men, are not entirely enforced by men *gasp*. Yes, there are many women who support femiNO. But how exactly do we deal with these narrow minds?

1. Women should cook..
Don’t let the female relatives who come around saying :“You should learn how to cook or no guy will want to marry you” get to you. Men should cook. >> Everyone <<  should learn how to cook, because cooking is a great skill that humans who eat, should know. I loathe people silently who have the perception that women, and only women, are incomplete without cooking skills.  Just because they’re husbands can’t cook doesn’t mean you have to find Mr. Bum, Food-consumin Bum. (You guys could order take-out for the rest of your lives if you like, but I don’t accept no lady telling me to learn how to fry husband-catching eggs)

2. Women shouldn’t earn more than men.
Back when I was a cheerleader (solely recruited due to the miserable number of volunteers from my sports house. We got first place that year, mind you), there was this one time I got scolded badly for practicing during breaks without missing my lessons (I’m Asian thank you). Which led to this conversation:
Miss #1 to her friends: Oh god her mother was so terrible and blablalbla
Me: are you talking bad about my mom?
Miss #1 (flustured): Yeh, but she was really terrible to you and I really don’t like her.
Me: Well, if you don’t like her than keep those feelings to yourself, you don’t have to go around and make the whole school hate her. She’s just concerned about my education.
Miss #1: Why do you have to study anyway? You know, men don’t like it when a woman is smarter than them. You’re going to look after your family anyway!

There was a time, where men carried spears and women plucked berries in the wild. Back then, both had done their best in whatever they did. No one said, women shouldn’t pluck more berries than men could hunt meat. Back then, boobs made it difficult for women to focus on running. In modern times, (with sports bras) both women and men can do nearly everything. No gender-based cerebral differences have been proven to limit either gender from receiving (or rejecting) knowledge and wisdom. So why, oh why, should women limit themselves and contribute less than they intelligibly can?
This is also to those women who are disrespectful to men who work their *ss off but don’t earn much. NO to you m’aam, NO. There is no shame in good hard work for any gender, regardless of the outcome. Both men and women need support to stay strong, regardless of how tough they are. Women aren’t the weaker sex, therefore, men shouldn’t be expected to be ‘stronger’. That’s called equality.

3. Women should do house chores
The closest Disney has ever come to show a man doing house chores is Pacha from the Emperor’s New Groove (a poor, old farmer from the village), and honestly, I’d be freaked out if Prince Charming held a broom singing “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. You get the idea from here. You know there’s a setback in feminism when mothers call their daughters to work behind the scenes while the son in the family shines on the stage, especially when it is against there will. This plants the idea that women should be doing the dirty work or the nitty-gritty unimportant stuff because men need to plan the future, the war or the next big word.

4. Women should look attractive.
What do articles about self-confidence, the sweetest, easiest desserts recipes, beauty products, diet resolutions and workout regimes have in common? THEY CAN ALL BE FOUND IN WOMEN’S MAGAZINE. It’s all a ploy to make you love yourself then saying :” If you love yourself, you should buy/ eat/ do/ give something, then you will be BEAAAUTIFUL”. So women starve themselves, become sad and jealous. Women who were once happy with their lives are now told that it isn’t enough because they don’t have a line of men buzzing behind to get their numbers, or that Keira Knightley has a smaller waist than them (and she’s still alive).

5. Women should cover themselves up like a burito.
This whole rape culture doesn’t only affect half of the population. Every girl has a father, or brother or boyfriend, who’s going to be super pissed with anyone else thinking that it’s okay to rape her just cause she wore a certain outfit. Sorry, I didn’t know Rape trend started, in which I must say, it has already gone out of style. Is it okay to hit a man’s head just because I’m violent and his head is out there? Should he wear a helmet everywhere he goes? There are certainly a lot of violent people out there. But he doesn’t have to, does he? However, I also want to address the other extreme. I find flashers extremely disturbing, similarly to how I find girls who expose half of their butts when I don’t expect them as well. There’s a place and an outfit for each place. I don’t want to see the sweaty torso of a man on a subway. I don’t want to see someone wearing slippers to my wedding dinner (unless it’s my mother, but if she was my mother she wouldn’t want to see it either……my father wears a full set of proper pyjamas with socks to sleep every night so he wouldn’t want to see it either). The point is, 10cm of clothing IS NOT asking for it, but it certainly isn’t polite. It’s like some stranger saying hi and asking if you have a house. Sure you can look away and ignore them, tell them to mind their own business etc. but it still made you uneasy for moments. Similarly, I don’t want strange butts or hairy bellies to suddenly explode in my face and scream so that I have to feel stunned before running the other way. “Don’t dress to aggress”is all I’m saying.

So there. I hope you aren’t one of them, and if you’re the victim, be forgiving (but do not accept their opinion). Know that women and men can achieve so much more without these ignorant limitations regarding gender. So whether you’re a man or woman, avoid FemiNO, cause it’s unhealthy and you don’t need it anyway.



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