Trip for the Weekend: Penang 🚲 (Part 2)

So, the next day started around 7.30 for me while my friends tried to catch up on their dozie time. Apparently while I was sleeping like a pig, the fluctuating temperature of the room (caused by the repeated turning on and off by one who thought it was too cold and the other, too hot) was the cause of disturbed sleep for the other two. Also, they worked really hard on the weekdays so really…I didn’t have any right to complain.

We walked to the bicycle shop to get our bikes again, and went down to New Lane along Macalister Road. For breakfast we (finally) had the original prawn mee and a bowl of loh mee, both with mihun.

One thing about Penang is, you will do very well with the locals if you spoke in Hokkien (my friend argues that it’s Teochew dialect, so you can try both and decide for yourself). After breakfast, we set off to Sun Yet San’s memorial center which was right beside the Sin Chew Daily building.

The perks of being a local tourist is that the rates at tourist spots are really so much cheaper. If your a student, remember to bring your student ID card and your IC to get the cheapest admission fee.

Then we went to the upside down museum aaaaand I didn’t like it very much (sorry). I mean, if you’re really creative, have the fastest reflexes and you take really good pictures then maybe this is your place. Otherwise, all you get for RM16 is instructions to hold things, two clicks and before you know it, the staff have already rushed you to the last room. Then when we looked back at the pictures, we agreed in unison that our joy fully lies in New Lane Hawker Center.

So we used up all our time by then, as it was already 4pm and we had to return our bikes (Also buy some souvenirs along the street).


Of course, we had to take a picture with the aunties that rented the bike. They were so nice to us (maybe because we took pictures to them haha..but no) they were really nice.


The aunty with red hair is super punk. Honestly..she also has green and blue highlights at the back of her hair. She’s only missing sunglasses and tattoos, but if I recall correctly, her arm does have tattoos. (If you find out, comment below and tell me k?).

And the whole journey ended with us taking the CAT (free hop-on hop-off rapidPenang bus) to the jeti and took the 401 bus (both 401 and 401E goes to Bayan Lepas airport) to the airport. Flight got delayed by roughly one hour and we reached KLIA2 at roughly 11pm. Then I slept for about 7 hours before my lecture the next morning.

Har mee and Loh mee are roughly RM10 each (at New Lane hawker center along Macalister Road)

Sun Yet San admission fee (for local student) – RM5

Upsidedown Museum admission fee (for local student)- RM11

(for local with no student ID even though you are a student) – RM16

Total used for food- RM112.20

Including hotel, flight ticket and tourist spot admission fees- RM300.96

So if you’re planning to go to Penang, I hope this helped! Tell me how it went alright?




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