How to be infamous overnight: The internet, where you can become anything you want, especially an *sshole.

You know those moments when you’re scrolling through any social media platform on a good day and suddenly lose faith in humanity, or think aloud in your room on what an ignorant/ disturbing/uncivilized person has proudly done on the internet? How exactly do people come up with witty comments to spark thousands of hate, comebacks and arguments so quickly? Well, here’s how they got to where they were, even if it wasn’t easy!

1. The sexist.
“Women who don’t cook are useless”, “Real men don’t cry”and “You fight like a girl”, are just the surface to what this category of people, (who take biological differences too seriously) can say. They forget that they are in fact, stereotyping 7 billion folks into a mere 2 categories. They’ve probably no clue that people with none or both sexual organs can be a common thing and may also suffer severe shock and headache when their wives don’t know how to make a sandwich.

2. The “my religion art holier than thou’s”
Even though recently years have seen a decline in the “shareΒ to heaven, scroll to hell” post, these people have managed to seep into comments to entice/threaten/fool/anger many into the hot debate on who’s God cares more. It’s safe to say that, riding on their thick cloud of arrogance, they delight in comments to corrode your beliefs and core values as their religion is the best, only their God is the greatest and only they will go to heaven (and maybe you will too, if you pray quickly. Only available for a limited time only with terms and conditions applied).

3. The “gays are ew”
These are the people who don’t understand LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) and may have mistaken it for MacDonald’s new menu addition upon first encounter. Their comments range from light ‘humor’ by constantly typing “GAAAAAAAAY” to people who resort to writing essays as long and stinky as my foot about homosexuals being inferior and a rebellious habit which will bring doom to all. Not to forget those who violently attack transgenders and bisexuals as confused people making bad decisions that will ultimately cause human extinction because global warming, world famine and lack of sufficient healthcare pale in comparison to this atrocity.

4. The sensitive-prick.
They basically make statuses and comments that have you saying “what? that’s not what I meant”. Any comment or reply will simply entangle you into a fight (that you will slap yourself for later). You will also realized that you’ve wasted that much time getting angry only for them to wallow in pride for NOT getting what you’re trying to say. If you have hopes that they will change, you can slap yourself again.

What do these people have in common? Firstly they are sensitive (to their own feelings) and have something they want to prove to everyone else. These comments however, only reflect how insecure they are about their circumstances besides sowing discord online and limiting everyone else’s choices in fear of being scrutinized and denied access to the ‘normal club’.
What should you do when faced with these people? Ignore them of course. They will then notice the lack of attention their concept attracts and hopefully realize whatever they’re talking about isn’t worth much. Also, your beliefs and attitudes are on the chopping board, when you start a heated debate on right and wrong. Most of the time, you won’t come out of it feeling as right as ever, but you will get angry at how ‘stupid’ you think they are ’cause they’re different. That doesn’t help anyone, so it’s pointless.

Who should you pay attention to? People doing good and are in sync with your version of humanity. Don’t discredit them saying that they’re seeking attention or doing it for the fame etc. Someone took a video picking up rubbish by the beach? Good on them! Give them support, they don’t need the hate anyway. Someone posted a positive status? give a good response, it doesn’t hurt at all. Mark Zuckerberg may be donating so much money to avoid taxes, but if it makes a good difference to the world then I’d say he can take his tax refund because he’s helping the government do their job anyway. So what if they are doing it for the fame, for the money? At least they’ve done something! Be generous with your support, especially when its worthy. Then humanity would have been restored, at least within yourself to start!


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