How to human the right way.

Time and again we ask ourselves deep questions, drive ourselves deeper into ambiguity with many confusing concepts and life’s constant changes of conditions. So take a deep breath and wipe the worry off that furrow as we explore several ways you could human properly.

  1. Consume, Sleep, excrete.
    You know you don’t have long to live if you can’t do any of these. As to how much you should do each of them, it is totally up to your body. It’s funny how there are so many articles online giving various advice. Some say 2 tablespoons of sugar will boost your metabolism, some say you only need 6 hours of sleep. There’s no ‘right’ diet for everyone (try making Eskimos go vegan). The key is to listen to your body, understand why you need each food and observe what happens to your body when you go through a certain diet.
    As for sleep patterns, the general idea is to get 8 hours of it, but there are many who need 10 hours or some who are very active at night. Either way, less or more of sleep will have very obvious side effects (when was the last time you woke up feeling fresh?). The key is to acknowledge and tune your lifestyle to suit your body.
    How many times should you answer nature’s call? That also depends on each individual. The ideal is to produce firm and brown feces once a day. If you’re urinating a lot in a day, it may be because you’re not sweating enough, hence all your water comes out by pee.
  2. Make a habit of letting go.
    Whether your boss denied you a well-deserved bonus, you’ve been wrongly accused or someone ate up the chocolate you’ve been saving in the fridge; make it a point to let go. Holding on to anger is not only toxic biologically, but sheds a dimmer light on your life to paint a grim picture, which is not how you human. You could meditate or say your prayers, run, yell and shout alone in a room, or talk to others about it (although this may lead to further manifestation of negativity). You can set a time limit to holding on. Time yourself and rant for 15 minutes then move on. Avoid letting out frustrations and stress recklessly (like eating or cutting yourself out of frustration). Set a certain habit or pattern that guarantees relaxation everyday if possible.
  3. Be curious.
    Curiosity is an essential part of human nature and evolution. The state of finding out, creating, chasing and thinking is what drives the ever-changing conditions around us. It also sows the seeds of care and motivation towards our surroundings. The more you know about something, the more you can relate it to yourself and care about it. Curiosity brings about knowledge, wisdom, dreams, wishes and ultimately a purpose. Of course like all other things, it should be done in moderation, I don’t want you going round collecting restraining orders.
  4. Understand that birth and death come in a package.
    You can’t do everything you want to complete before you die in one day. So instead, learn how to be satisfied with whatever you’ve done so far. If it doesn’t fulfill you, then try again tomorrow if you’re given another chance! It is important to understand that everything that exist will have an impact on their surroundings, whether you’re aware of it, that’s another issue. Therefore, no one may know it yet, but you’re life affects everything around you and more. How it happens is fully up to you.
  5. Know what you need and how to get it.
    You won’t die without money. You will die without food, you will die without clothes and shelter. That being said, studying to get a job that you can work and never have to worry is a meaningless dream. Knowledge is passed around to solve problems and make the world a better place. Your degree is not meant to be a cheat pass to bail out on life’s problems and blend in with society. The laziness to be useful springs forth easy prey to marketing and advertisement to think in a certain way which profits the more agile minds of society. Think of what you want and you will be less susceptible to swallowing useless ideas.

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