Valentine stuff for you ❤️

Before you’re overwhelmed by the smell of love in the air (or smothered by it). Here are some valentine’s day stories to get you warmed up and cozy for the day!

  1. The origins of Valentine’s day may have come from the death of Valentine himself for helping Christians escape prison who fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Prior to his execution he wrote a letter signed “From your Valentine”.

    sources from History channel website
  2. So who was Cupid’s bae?
    In a story called The Golden Ass (not a story for this post) an old woman tells the story of Cupid and Psyche. In a kingdom where a king and queen has 3 daughters of great beauty and the youngest being the fairest one of all. Being so beautiful, people started to worship her and ignored the vain deity Venus, even calling her the second or coming Venus. Venus got mad and asked her son, Cupid, to make this lady fall in love with something hideous. Cupid though, accidentally scratched himself with his arrow and fell deeply in love with Psyche, disobeying his mother’s order.After her two sisters marry though, Psyche was still forever alone. So the king consults Apollo only to find out that his daughter wouldn’t have a human husband but a dragon-like creature which was feared by Jupiter and all the underworld beings. So they had to carry out a marriage and funeral while she stood beside the rocky crag exposed. The winds carried her to a lovely meadow where she fell asleep. Long story short, the place was fab, food was rad, but she wasn’t allowed to see her hubby. He brought her to a room, made love to her, left before sunrise, never letting her know how he looked like, and made her pregnant.
    After a long time, cupid reluctantly let Psyche see her sisters. They got envious and insisted she find out who her husband was, since in the prophecy, he was suppose to be a danger to her and her kid. So she disobeys him and uncovers the truth (literally) but he turns out to be this super splendid being (cupid). Startled, she injures him by accident and wakes him up, causing him to flee. Both sisters being jealous, tries to offer themselves as replacement but fall to their death.
    Wondering about, she prays to various gods for help but all refuse to help her against a fellow deity. Psyche then goes to plead Venus herself and is sent to be whip by Sorrow and Worry, Venus’s handmaids. She is then given various impossible tasks, the last one being to retrieve a box containing the beauty of the queen of the underworld. She carries it out successfully but opens the box out of curiosity and vanity. It didn’t carry any beautifying remedy but sent her to deep sleep.
    In the meantime, Cupid’s wounds healed somewhat, so he escapes his mother’s house to draw the sleep of Psyche’s face and returns it into the box.
    He makes a deal with Jupiter to approve his marriage to Psyche and gives her the immortality drink to become a goddess. They marry, have a grand banquet and that’s the story.

    sources from


  3. Then there’s a story of a guy who illustrates the 365 days he spends with his wife and it is cry-tastic. Including pregnancy, fights and flus. Truly super romantic. You can get the story here:
  4. Of course for those of you who’ve never experienced or don’t know if you’ve experienced love, here are a few tips from quora users as to what it really feels like, which for some of them, sounds exactly like when I have food poisoning.
    But i really like this answer from Jimmy Grey which says:

    Like there’s a button in front of you that says “press this for free cookies,” but every time you press it, a bird shits on your head, but you keep pressing it, and once in every 100 times, you get a cookie.

    And its the best fucking cookie you’ve ever had.

    And while you’re eating it, you realize you’ll willingly get shit on 99 more times in hopes of getting another cookie.

    Then one day, the cookies stop coming.


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