The story of Ass-ignments.

If you’re moaning about the pile of homework on your activity book you have to pass-up tomorrow, slap yourself and wake up. Assignments are the real shit here. Not only do they affect your overall performance rating, but the price you pay for those mistakes will make the gods weep. So here’s a story for all my fellow college and university students and the innocent ones who haven’t seen the spawn of Satan on a pile of the morning.

  1. Introduction: Once upon a time, you sit in class, lecturer introduces you to this semester’s syllabus, including the legend that you’ll have some assignments to be done. Legend don lie, but you chill tho.assignments-first-week
  2. Your lecturer then asks all of you every week how far you’ve gone into your assignments. Some have questions about the assignment, some have done the introduction, some are stuck at the title page, but you, you’re still at the blank page.
    download (1)
  3. So you sweat in fear while you make casual conversations with your buddy. “Hey, Sam’s already done half his assignment and I haven’t even started reading the question” To which your faithful bruh replies05115c21089d7f429439aa7c1e79e65354ae68-retina-thumbnail-large
  4. And when you finally start, that’s when you realize you’ve let the boat float to far into hell.
  5. So you pray to your coffee for a miracle while you swing between god-like focus and panic. Then you get distracted by Facebook and stumble upon your kindred, droves of sleep-deprived, caffeine-dependent procrastinators. You spend more time than you should discussing about each other’s regrets and confusion before your stomach lurches as you look at the time- it’s 4am and you’re barely halfway. No meme can describe the severity of the stress, but finally..(if you didn’t fall asleep halfway and wake up cursing yourself)
  6. You’re done!
    All those minutes of hard work! “Boy, I’ll never ever EVER procrastinate again in my entire miserable life!” You say to yourself while reading through the disorderly train of semi-sensible thoughts translated through your wrecked fingers from last night on the computer. Then you hand in your pride and joy along with all the other pandas, but its okay, you handed it on time and that’s what matters.
    Until the next week when your lecturer hands it back to you…

Seriously tho, always start assignments early, it really helps.



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