How to deal with loneliness

It isn’t rare to find that you’re stuck in a moment where everyone is gone, physically or mentally. But the question is, what do you do when it happens to you? Here are some ways to deal with the looming doom when gloom comes knocking at your door.

  1. You have yourself.
    It isn’t much, but it’s all you need. Most people don’t count themselves as anything but that shouldn’t be the case. You were there when you fell, you were there when you got up, you were there when you made good and bad decisions, you were there when you had fun and you still have you now. Someone is dying in this world right now and soon you will too, but not now. So treasure that.
  2. Space out and look around you.
    Why didn’t I write things like “write down 10 things you’re grateful for” because I know when you feel lonely, it’s usually because you tired or hopeless and picking up a pen and paper isn’t what you’ll be motivated to do. Know this: When you start having thoughts about no one bothering about you, no one loving you etc. Stop thinking and go into a blur or routine to space out. Look around you and concentrate on the wind blowing on your face, the random leaf on the floor, the cup of empty water and just look at it. It doesn’t have to lift you up, but it’ll distract you long enough for the wave of thoughts to pass.
  3. Pick things up and put them down. (literally)
    Not asking you to pack your table but this can be quite therapeutic. You don’t have to place things in an orderly fashion. Just pick what’s nearest to you and place it maybe a bit to the left then place it a bit to the right. Tell yourself you have moved this piece of creation. Just keep doing it until you’re convinced that you can do better and proceed thereon.
  4. Go to sleep. There and Then.
    Don’t bother walking to bed because at this point, maybe you are not convinced that you’re actually tired or maybe beds are inaccessible right now. So wherever you are, just shut your eyes, relax and disconnect from your thoughts. If you are feeling more lethargic and tired, then slowly progress to the bed.
  5. Smell yourself.
    What? Yes I’m serious. Regardless of whether you smell good or bad. This refrains yourself from doing one very destructive thing: eating your feels. It also stimulates your senses which is why you want to eat in the first place. Most people might have sprayed perfume or nah. Either way it’s good to smell yourself. You become aware how you actually smell like, you connect with yourself at the most basic level, you start to be aware of your needs.

Feeling lonely can come gradually or suddenly in any form. But remember the key to snapping out of it is to calm down and remember that many people feel the same. Let yourself breathe, live and exist so that you become aware of your own existence again.


photos from we heartit and instagram natgeo photographer gerd ludwig.



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