Poetry: The Now

Take a moment to unwind,
a wee minute of your time,
For something so divine,
is what makes hard life so fine.

Don’t bother drinking wine.
Don’t bother seeking sunshine.
Don’t bother wasting time,
Thinking of what was thine.

This moment will not last.
This moment has just passed.
This moment goes by fast.
This moment you must grasp.

For you might find in years to come,
Gold fields lying in the setting sun,
and the dark melody is sung.
Where the night hath begun.

What can your eyes behold,
When you suddenly turn old,
When darkness quietly unfolds,
When your hearth turns cold.

You must be bold
You take control
and cherish what is whole.

You seize the day
You make way
For a better tomorrow.

But keep in sight
life’s small delights
before its speedy flight

Life goes on
why sit and mourn?
A new day has been born.


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