5 moods that come with rain.

drip, drop, and the emotions seem to trickle in. But what exactly are these moods? Look no further, here are some words to explain your feels.

  1. Melodious despondence

    You’re running through your playlist, it starts raining and you’re hit with Adele’s vocal waves. It’s Hello sadness. With assignments and test due soon, things look bleak. You start reflecting on your mental wounds and how life was great..Was. How’s life now? What life? Slowly, your window pane turns grey and blurry and before you know it, Green day is singing “Wake me up when September ends”

  2. Woodland slumberforest
    Aah..the sound of rain and the humming of your soul. The force is strong within your bed. Your curtains sway gently back and forth. A moist breeze strokes your face. The hands of the clock orchestrate a hypnotic symphony. The warmth and familiar smell of your bed convinces you to close your eyes. You hear the sound of birds seeking for shelter, rustling of trees and the wet fragrance of stone and earth. You hear a faint growl of thunder in the background while you descend into the world of dreams.
  3. Languorous blisslazy cat gif
    With the rain, everything seems like a monotonous routine stretched within time. You slither about your room while you elegantly laze your time away. Nothing stimulates you more than idleness and comfort. “C’est la vie~” you whisper to yourself while you chill with a hot beverage and nature.
  4. Firebolt frisk
    rain run

    While others go numb your senses heighten. Every drop of rain amplifies your inner lightning. You grab a raincoat and a pair of wellies to go out and splash every puddle and sing your heart out. You burst out laughing and your happiness radiates warmth to your surroundings. You dance to the sound of thunder and resonate with the howl of the wind. The chill from the rain stimulates your mind and body while you delight in your own wonder.

  5. Deep resonance
    The sound of rain unearths the deepest thoughts within you. Socrates is suddenly reborn and contemplates the wonders and woes of life. Do we really die? What is the meaning of color? What is purpose of our existence? How do we feel? you contemplate your surroundings and its connections with each other. You are nature, nature is life and life is you…and the cycle continues till the rain stops and you are satisfied with your sudden wisdom.
All images from weheartit.com

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