5 steps to get closer to that dream you always had.

Time and again, you’ll always have snippets of nirvana in dreams you thought could only be imaginations. Now it’s time to bring the castles in the air down to earth. Here’s how:

  1. Why stop at episode one? dream more!
    Good news, day dreaming isn’t so bad after all. Besides, no one knows exactly what to do from the start unless they think more on it. But be sure that you remember what your idea was in the first place. If however you decide that the following ideas were better than your first, then GREAT! you have just progressed a step too.
  2. Write, write, write.
    Have you ever thought of a great idea which keeps popping up in the exact same sequence up until now? Nope.(Those in denial don’t fool yourself, you’ll just lose another great idea) That’s why it’s so important to write your ideas down, no matter how ridiculous. You never know when those nonsensical ideas will come in handy, and even if they don’t, you’ll save yourself from wasting time down that path of dreams again.
  3. Donut discuss your ideas. (too soon)
    Yes we all know the apple for an apple thingy, but sometimes when we get too hyped up we divulge our precious little babies of a thought to some random passerby. From there, two things can happen : a) they don’t get your idea and demotivate you. b) they like your idea and they want to ‘contribute’. Maybe i’m a little pessimistic here, but what I’m really trying to say is that, you should develop your own idea enough to be confident about it, until it has an unshakable core that you can work with and theen you can share this developed dream with others . This prevents two things: a) people can’t make you doubt your own dream cause you’ve already thought of a solution to the problems they pose. b) You don’t put the responsibility of the future of your dream on someone else.(you will..most of the time be disappointed)
  4. Research.
    Flying planes? Superstar? Health and wealth? Of course, I believe your dreams can be much more complicated as well. but that shouldn’t stop you from doing the most important step in achieving your dream, at least not when Google, Safari and Internet explorer are around. You can also ask your peers, seniors, juniors or whoever you think has the information you want, but beware (ref. no. 3). After your research you can then allocate more time to:
  5. Plan.
    Why isn’t the last step ‘Do’? Because we all know it’s not easy. Planning makes it easier though. I personally think that everyone should allow 15 to 30 minutes a day planning out their dream. You may carry it out, you may not, but in the end it’s best to have a plan. On all the days you don’t do it, you spend time planning more on it, the do’s and don’ts the why’s and why not’s etc. Also go easy on your dream, don’t stress out if your not doing it today, because everyday you plan for it, you’re closer to your dream than you were yesterday. ❤️



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