5 Things Fat Shamers should know

Growing up in a household which can basically feed the whole neighborhood for 3 months in the events of a zombie apocalypse, I’ve always been the curvy lady with the rosy cheeks. But the same curves made me the second student to reach the summit of Mt. Ledang in a day. So I really don’t understand why FAT (or bony) can be such an ugly word. Like all kids who weren’t ‘normal’ i was teased a lot, and even when i wasn’t teased, i felt like i was in the blacklist or Fatlist, if I may. The worst part was that it felt right. So to all Fat shamers or those who are suffering from ‘F’hobia .. here are 5 things that you should know :

    1.  Besides being FAT, you are also PROTEIN, FIBER, and CARBOHYDRATE.

I’m not sure when mankind decided that a body component was the best way to describe a series of bad decisions, but that was very unkind. Also being chubby, larger, heavy, stable; also means you are (most of the time) human.

Example : Hey, Fatie!

Comeback line: Hey, Protein!

2.  Fix your self-confidence

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that bullies are usually the ones with the complex, but it’s true. If your the fat shamer, really ask yourself : Have you been unhappy with anything lately? Do you spend quality time with your family? Are you always arguing with your siblings? Do you do well in your studies? Because chances are, there’s something in your life that’s crumbling and the only fact that society wants you to believe in is : At least I’m not FAT. So you go around enforcing that idea in your head by enforcing that idea in someone else’s. You have to love yourself to make decisions that make YOU last longer. And even if ‘Faties’ want to lose weight of ‘slim down’ remember that those are just superficial goals and that skinny people get cancer too (a lot of room for hate here,but i’m just trying to make a point). Healthy is goal, Healthy is key. and the first step to being healthy is to be happy.

Example: At least I’m not FAT!

Comeback line: for the reasons above, I would advise you to leave this complex being alone..but in case of repeated offences –> “I can see that.”

    3.  You cannot change yourself just by pointing out what’s wrong with you, so why do it to others???

Had a bad day? rough week? tough month? chances are you’ll be sobbing your eyes out. Continue being the negative magnet that you are and hey, who knows, in time you could even have the worst year of your life. Out of all the hardship and suffering, you may find that nothing changes when all you do is complain about your life. So what makes you think complaining about someone else’s looks will change them?

Example:  I can’t believe you’re still so fat!

Comback: Seeing is believing.

4.  Their circumstances are different from yours.

You might have lived in an apartment with a swimming pool and a gym. Heck, maybe you’re sponsored by Nike. But not everyone has been given the same circumstances. The guy you disliked for being chubby may be working after school for his family and all he ever has is the big bowl full of rice or noodles his parents gets for him, cause they’re already lucky enough to get food. Maybe they are surrounded by relatives who are all chubbier and every time he wants to eat less, they worry that he’ll be anorexic and put more on his plate. Maybe his family works for Haagen Daz and it’s terribly hard for him to resist, maybe his country is full of haze and dust, and it’s terribly hard for him to go out, maybe maybe. It’s hard. and you know where’s the proof of it being hard? The countless products on the shelf providing a ‘short-cut’.

Example: Just go and exercise, eat better food!

Comeback: Just give me better suggestions already, cause my situation is so much more complicated.

   5.  We’re all the same

We all have insecurities like abc, we run away from them by doing abc. It happens to be that some people have certain lifestyles that make them look a certain way. Yes, there are increased risk of getting various diseases by bad eating habits, I’m not advocating large spendings on carts of junk food. but besides bad eating habits, there are also bad sleeping habits, smoking habits, drinking habits, various patterns that can lead to mental and physical illness. So the most important questions and concerns you can have are: 1. Are you alive today? What are you going to do about it?

Example: You may get diabetes! high blood pressure!

Comeback: Thanks for your concern. *Followed by Bee Gees: Staying alive song*


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